Snug Camera Baby Monitor

I always had (some) trouble with new technology, having to lean on the help of my friends to install mostly anything that is computer related.
The Snug Cam is the first device I installed successfully in minutes!
I’d like to brag about it, but I better fess up, it was just because there is almost no installation to do in the first place!
Let’s start from the beginning: Snug Cam is a wireless baby cam, that allows you to monitor your baby from your phone, whether it’s android or IOS. Later I found out you can even use your PC, although there is no app for the Mac.
I opened the box really not knowing what was going to be in it, to find the camera, its antenna, the power supply and a network cable (I’ve been told is an ethernet cable…)
There is also a wall mount and a quick installation guide. I followed the instructions to the letter, and in a matter of minutes the camera was up and running,
The installation is very simple: plug the camera to the power supply, plug the network cable to your router and download the app for your device. Once you have the app installed you need to enter your wi-fi’s password and that’s pretty much it!
I almost forgot, you have to add the camera to the app, and the way to do it is by scanning a ‘code’ on its base. Sounds more difficult than what it actually is.
Once you are done with the installation you can unplug the network cable and start using the camera wirelessly. I had to move it from the room where the router is to the room my children sleep, but a few seconds after I plugged it back it was working with no problems. It is very hard to unplug the ethernet cable from the camera, but I believe it’s this way by design: You do not want your baby or toddler to unplug it on the first try.
I downloaded the app for iPad and for my android phone. The video quality is incredible and the colors are bright! It even has a night vision mode that works great even in the darkest room, but the video is in black and white while in this mode.
You can take snapshots, record video and listen to your baby (Sound is captured through the mic on the camera). The sound quality is very good.
Another great feature is that it moves from side to side, and up and down. You command the camera by swiping on the screen with your fingers, very iPad-like, and it’s very responsive.
There is no place your baby can go undetected!
After installing the camera i went for a run with my phone. I was able to see my children sleeping from over a mile away through the 4G connection on my phone!
This wireless baby monitor has excelled in every aspect and I’m very happy with it.
The quality is very good with a nice apple-like white finish, which I find very appealing. It’s easy to install and even easier to use.
It is superior in many ways to the (way more expensive) baby monitor I have, hands down!
I really can’t say anything bad about this product: I’m happy with it and the peace of mind it brought me.
Let me know in the comments section about your experience with it if you try it.
(You will) Have a good night’s sleep!

You can purchase it here!Click here!!

I received the Snug Cam in exchange for an honest review.#Amazonreview


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