Orchid Origami Paper; Folding Sheets; 500 Sheets Per Pack; 6-inch by 6-inch, 10 Beautiful Colors, High Quality Origami Paper – Review


Today we I am reviewing Origami Paper by Orchid.

Both my husband and I were introduced to Origami when e were little kids and is an art form we share with our kids as well.
In this video we are teaching them how to create a cube, a Minecraft cube!
If you are into Origami you will enjoy this paper pack, it has plenty of colors, the quality is real good, and its size is perfect!

We’ve tried other origami papers over the years, some bought alone, some included with an origami book or kit, but this pack is great with its 10 colors and 50 sheets of each of these colors, allowing me to demonstrate and my kids to practice, without fear of running out of paper or any desired color.

It comes with a free e-book with plenty of ideas or you can easily look up on the internet any design you would like to create.

My kids love it! We are building a Minecraft World, and it is a nice way to combine their interests with a hands on activity.

This set of paper belongs to the category o things that I’d never thought of buying, but now that I’ve tried them I couldn’t be without!

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I received this product in exchange for my honest review.



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