Plastiware Bento box by Plastiware


After Thanksgiving, this time of the year becomes “The time of the Year” when it comes to diet and eating more clean.
I had the opportunity of buying these containers with a discount coupon to make a review and I didn’t think about it twice!

The 3 compartments make the perfect combination to separate portions, the fact that you already have the 8 containers with the same size ready to be used helps in getting the prepping done.
Many times I started and then I don’t have enough containers, o the food doesn’t fit properly.

For my first prep I did ground turkey seasoned with garam masala spice + a hint of regular curry; steamed asparagus and baked sweet potatoes.


As soon as everything was ready, I arranged he portions and closed them (the lid closes perfectly and that is a must!)

After that I put everything on the fridge.

I took my meal everyday for a week to work, heated it 1.5 minutes on the microwave and the food was perfect every time.

I am very picky when it comes to food, flavors and texture after a couple of days and my focus was on that subject.
These containers passed the test!!

I an extremely happy with them, I recommended to my friends and co-workers (they were very curious!)

You save money, eat what you want, I love to eat healthy! They are super easy to clean, they organized you 😉

I am googling ideas for my next menu! And will order anther set for my pre & post workout meal.

My advice? Give it a chance and you will see how practical they are.

Check them out in Amazon in this link ->Click here!



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