Great sport shoes, and for all the right reasons! Changping lightweight cool mesh sport shoes.


Picking a gift for my husband is not an easy task.. So when he told me that he loved these shoes I felt so good!!

So if you or a loved one is looking for a lightweight shoe these are amazing, read my husband’s review below 🙂

Happiness is: A new pair of Tai Chi Shoes!

There is a never ending offer of sports shoes online. Hard to decide which one to buy as they all have pros and cons. As a Tai Chi practitioner I pay special care to my footwear.

After looking for a few days I decided to try a shoe that caught my attention: the Changping lightweight shoes in the gray/orange color scheme with white soles. They also come in All Black, black/white, black/blue and black/orange with white soles or gray/blue or gray/green with white soles as well. I got many compliments .

Martial arts shoes look all the same and the Changping look like a mix between aqua shoes and running shoes. Finally a shoe I can wear to and from practice, without the need to wear another pair.

The first thing I noticed when I took them of the box was how light they are! The pair weight as much as ONE of my regular running shoes.

They have a pull tabs in the top and at the back help them slide on easily, and the fit is comfortably snug. I ordered a size 11 US (a 45 EU) and they are exactly that size. 

The shoes feel great when walking or practicing Tai Chi. The soles are bouncy and me being 220 lbs I find them too bouncy when running. Lighter people may find them adequate. This is a small problem I run into often since I put on some weight.

These shoes are great for walking but are even better for Tai Chi practice. The soles are very flexible and you never stop feeling the ground It feels like you are barefoot walking over a carpet. If you apply pressure on the bubbly spring (the ball of your feet) you will feel it! They also bend easily which is great for kicks. 

I have a tendency to heat up when practicing and sweat profusely. My feet get hot too and sweat as well. These shoes are made from a mesh that kept my feet at a nice temperature and my feet were dry by the time I got home, about 15 minute drive.

I have been using them also at home and they are very comfy. The soles don’t leave marks on the floor, making them great for everyday use around the house.

They come in size 5 to 12 which will accommodate most of the adults. I’d like to see smaller sizes for kids, as my children liked the different colors and the way the look.

After using these shoes for practice and around the house for a few weeks now I am very happy with them. 

These shoes are comparable to more expensive brands and the feel and look is extremely close.

You can find them here: Click here



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